Getting ready for the first leg of our journey

Many others before us have made the same trip. It has been done in small boats and large boats. You may wonder why we are going in a 2655 Bayliner Ciera. That answer is easy. It is our boat. We know how it works and it’s paid for. Really it’s as simple as that.

Our 33rd aniversary was on August 17th and we did one last trial run with the boat in order to organize and figure out exactly what we can bring and what we should not bring. A lot of it had to do with space. Fortunately we almost took as much off the boat as we put on it, and all systems were a go.

We traveled from Lake City MN to Winona MN, a short 48 mile ride. We parked on beaches for the night and found that we can do this. Why not!

As we go we will add aditional information and I am sure we will start to understand how to use this blog more efficiently.

Thanks for now.

Stay tuned.

In most cases our cell phones will operate and we will have internet access, so stay in touch.

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2 Responses to Getting ready for the first leg of our journey

  1. Shannon Tatro says:

    Wish you very best of luck on your adventure!!! The river up here is really low. Wish i had that 4 foot channel you are enjoying. I did buy a jet boat a couple days ago… take care and cheers…

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