We’re On Our Way!

We finally got internet connection!  As we travel I guess that will determine how often I’ll post to the blog.  We left Lake City Marina on 9/16 after stocking the boat with groceries, etc. and many well-wishes from fellow Dock 200 boaters.  We have been taking our time, relaxing and enjoying this first stretch which is very familiar to us.  We are currently on a sand bar within sight of LaCrosse.

Yesterday we met up with an old guy named Jim who built his own vessel, travels alone, has only one eye, and has been down the Mississippi to New Orleans.  Very ingenious fellow.  His home port is Kansas City, MO, and he is currently on his way to Mpls to meet up with a woman who he met while bicycling across the US.  See picture below.

All has been smooth sailing thus far.  We’ve only gone 73 miles, but we’re in no rush until we leave Keokuk in mid-October.  It’s good to be cruising again!

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3 Responses to We’re On Our Way!

  1. Lee Davies says:

    Pat & Jim, Have a wonderful experience! We’ll be sailing with you. Peg & Lee

  2. Glad to hear you’re off to a good start. Did you pass the “birds and the bees” island yet?

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