Brrrrrr – We’re Doing Fine

We’re currently on a beautiful sand bar south of the ‘Bird’s & the Bee’s Island’ (that was for Nathan).  We gassed up in Lansing (2.07 mpg) & cruised to Lock 9 where we had the pleasure of locking through with the Robin Ingram tug.  His barges were tied outside the lock.  It was fun to watch how they hooked everything up.  We then cruised to Boatel’s Marina, where years ago we rented a houseboat from them.  They let us slip for the night for free! Wow.  We donated at the casino (free shuttle though) and ate at the seafood buffet (not that great).  The water in the marina was really low.  We tried to back in, and hit bottom and filled the prop with mud.  Slept good, but woke to 37 degrees. We spent the day doing laundry (much needed).  I got a HOT shower (awesome) and we walked through the historic town of McGregor & went to the museum.  Restocked on groceries, and got a little much needed exercise.  Cruised to Mile 634 to a beautiful sandbar. 1/2 moon & owls hooting & sublime beauty.  The generator is running so that we can run the mini heater we have on board.  Loving life right now!!! The low tonight is 30 degrees.  Glad the flannel sheets are on the bed!

This is Shane Bartholomew, who was our host at Boatel’s Marina.  He was awesome (no pretentions) and helped us out with the shower and the washing machine. Great customer service!

This is where we’re at right now – headed to Guttenburg tomorrow.

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1 Response to Brrrrrr – We’re Doing Fine

  1. You’re posts are starting to remind me of Lewis and Clark… is there a reason for that? Although, you guys seem to be running into a bit less snags (even with the muddy prop), and less Indians too. Here’s where you can read all the Lewis and Clark Journal entries ( That link will take you to a July 21, 1804 entry while they were on their way up the Missouri just south of Omaha at the confluence of the Platte and the Missouri Rivers. I’m glad you’re doing so well!

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