Goodbye Wisconsin – Hello Illinois

Our slip tonight is in the Ice Harbor in Dubuque, where years ago they took great ice chunks from the harbor for refrigeration. It was a beautiful sunny calm day, about 75 degrees – perfect for going through the big lake above Lock 11. Many years ago when the kids were little we hit a big hailstorm there (tornados in Dubuque). The channel winds it’s way through a very large lake, mostly shallow with submerged stump fields.  But today we had no problem.  I even have the shorts on once again.

We did, however have problems getting into a marina to get gas & a pump-out.  (We were literally FOS).  All the channels to get into the marinas were super shallow, as the water is so low.  4th  try we finally made it, and took care of all the necessities.

The Ice Harbor is next to the National River Museum and Aquarium, a fabulous Smithsonian affiliate, which we toured last year.  We took the River Walk and went into town where we dined at Vinny Vanucci’s on some wonderful Italian fare.

Yesterday we walked through Guttenburg, a quaint old German town along the river.  Then we cruised to a sand bar on Hurricane Chute, mile 598.3, where I cooked up a storm: Chicken breasts with onion & mushroom gravy, green beans almondine & vermicelli.  I’m getting creative with the one burner alcohol stove (cooking with wine helps too).

Until next time, all is good & I miss everyone!

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1 Response to Goodbye Wisconsin – Hello Illinois

  1. Don and Judy :) says:

    FOS….it took me a bit to figure that out…miss you!

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