Sunshine & Warmer Nights

The Ice Harbor in Dubuque ended up being home for 2 nights.  The 2nd day we enjoyed walking around town and admiring the great architecture and took in the Art Museum which features art only by Iowans.  Beautiful day – the shorts made a come-back.

We cruised to a new restaurant/bar just north of Lock 12 near Bellevue IA called ‘Off Shore’. They have the most amazing panoramic view of the whole river valley.  We stayed on their beach overnight amid many jumping fish – Asian Carp possibly? We woke to a beautiful foggy morning on Jim’s 58th birthday.

We went through Lock 12 and cruised to Savannah IL to the most beautiful beach yet.  We saw the paddle wheeler ‘Twilight’ again.  The first time we encountered it was back in ’93 with the kids.  We heard before we saw it, sounding magical like a music box coming out of nowhere.  This area holds special memories for us.  We celebrated Jim’s birthday on the beach with steak dinner, wine & beer, a fire, full moon and our ‘stereo in a bag’.

We are currently at the Island City Harbor marina in Sabula IA, doing laundry & updating the blog.  Got to go switch loads.  We will be heading out shortly to a newly created beach about a mile south of here.  All’s well with us – hope all’s well with you!

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3 Responses to Sunshine & Warmer Nights

  1. Lee Davies says:

    Happy B-Day Jim! like the beach—-the sound of the paddle wheeler, what a great”visual” take care P&L

  2. Don and Judy :) says:

    A memorable b day..were we on the Twilight?

    • rossmanpj says:

      No, we weren’t on the Twilight, but on the Silver Bullet? I think. I remember bringing the coins back to Nathan.

      I have been noticing all the things on the boat that we use daily which you have given us, and have really come to appreciate all you have done for me over the years. Just to name a few: my toiletry bag(including many of the contents), the mini kitchen utensils (use them every day), the SHARP yellow kitchen knife (with sheath), the awesome hatchet, the clothes pins the blue ones are the best and use them every day), the covered hatchet, the organizer which is hung in the bathroom and houses the bathroom hand towel and Jim’s electric shaving stuff, the Cuddle Ewe, which is saving my hips and providing much needed warmth on cold nights, that eps stuff in my bag(the lotion is already gone, but the lip stuff is great), and I know I’m forgetting other stuff. Just want to say “thank you” and you mean so much more to me than you’ll ever know. Love you! Sent from my iPhone

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