Quad Cities

We left Sabula on Sept 30th and went through Lock 13, where we had to wait 45 minutes for a barge, but the winds were calm in the large lake and all went smooth.  We saw a flock of pelicans, and again there were many small jumping fish.  We stopped in the Clinton Marina (very shallow) and had a light lunch at the restaurant there, then cruised to a beautiful cove at Mile 510 on the Illinois side.  The sunset was magnificent.

The cove used to be some kind of quarry, and the next morning I enjoyed rock hunting on the beach.

There was a dead paddlefish on shore, and a horde of turkey vultures eventually found this “treasure” and feasted on it.  We got underway and cruised to LeClaire, IA where we toured the Buffalo Bill Cody museum.  The best feature was an old steamship called the ‘Lone Star’, whose claim to fame is that it was the longest running steamer in US history.  It operated for 99 years, and was totally wood construction.  It finally ceased operating during the 1960’s.

From there we went downstream a few miles to the ‘Bierstube’ dock, and walked to the grocery store.  We stocked up big time, and got a work-out walking the groceries back.  We used our collapsible 2-wheel cart and I carried 4 gallon jugs of water.  We then went through Lock 14 and spent the night at the Isle of Capri marina, as we could not find any beach this close to the Quad Cities (another free slip and VERY shallow).

Yesterday afternoon we cruised into the Lindsay Park Yacht Club where we have stayed before.  We met up with local members and enjoyed Happy Hour and watched Jeopardy, and had some good laughs.  Later in the evening we had a very informative conversation with another couple who did the loop last year.  We learned much from them!  Everyone has been so helpful and friendly.  Today is ‘housekeeping’ day.  Jim scrubbed and vacuumed the boat from top to bottom, and I’m doing a couple loads of laundry.  Later we plan to walk into old Davenport to see the sights.  Tomorrow we will set out downstream again!

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2 Responses to Quad Cities

  1. Don and Judy :) says:

    Still collecting rocks are you? Weather should be changing soon…get those jeans out!

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