The Henson’s of Hamilton

We arrived at the South Side Boater’s Club dock in Keokuk about 4:30, on the 7th of Oct, and got off the boat for a week-long stay at the Henson’s.  Vickey Henson met us there, and drove us across the bridge to her & Harold’s home in ‘the timber’.  They always have the welcome mat out, and we instantly felt at home.  They are the most gracious of hosts, without pretention, just ‘real folk’, fun and genuine, caring and giving, and they seem to know everyone within a 10 mile radius!  Our hearts lifted to see them again.

Jim and Harold

It was so beautiful there – with crimson autumn colors, meandering trails through the woods, the ‘Love Shack’, the creek surrounding the back of the property (full of geodes), and the circle drive through the trees.  Peaceful and earthy, but oh, the good times we had!  It was nice to spend an entire week there, instead of the usual 2 days, where we had time to ebb and flow with the normal current of their lives.

Harold, Rich, Jim, Charlie & John at the Purple Cow dock.

The ‘Love Shack’

Despite the rain which prevented us from going on the hay ride, the annual party was a great success – albeit in the garage.  Great chili, conversation, jello shots, jokes and laughter shared by all.

Nathan & Brandi

Ready for the Garage Party

We had such a great time during our stay.  Below are just some of the highlights:

  • Reconnecting with everyone: Vic & Harold; John & Sherla; Janice & Charlie; Rich & Jackie; Nathan & Brandi; Mary & Queasy; Colleen, Sandra, Homer & more
  • Vickey’s fabulous down-home cooking
  • Dodie Burgers at the Harrington; Chicken Dinner at Basco; Wooden Nickel Lunch
  • Going to the Pumpkin Patch and decorating EVERYWHERE for Halloween
  • Jim taking the guys to the Purple Cow via boat – the gals meeting them there
  • Walking with Sherla & Janice
  • Vickey & I coloring our hair (white wine day)
  • Brandi’s pumpkin decorating & the coolest of Halloween wreaths she made
  • The wonderful HOT showers
  • Face Time with Calvin & Ellie
  • The dock almost leaving the South Side with our boat attached
  • Fun around the bonfire!!!
  • The spaghetti cook-off between Vickey & Jim
  • Panoramic view of the river at sunset from the Club House
  • Feeling so at home.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to Vickey & Harold!!

We said our tearful goodbyes to Vic after we re-stocked the boat. ARiverDerci! And now we’re back on the river again!

Vic waving goodbye from the South Side dock

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2 Responses to The Henson’s of Hamilton

  1. Don and Judy :) says:

    Sounds like you had a memorable time…how is the cruising south going? Any water?

    • rossmanpj says:

      Yes, had a good time, and are now in a marina across from Louisiana, MO. Stayed in Hannibal the last 2 nights because of rain and high winds. Hope all’s well with you. If I get a good opportunity I will call you tomorrow. Love you! Sent from my iPhone

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