Home and Back Again

Our time at home was bittersweet; full of laughter and tears, joy and sorrow. We shared many good times with family and friends, enjoyed Christmas in the snow, and said goodbye to my Dad who passed away on Jan 26th.

We were busy, and time zipped by, but we were fortunate to be able to spend much of it with family and friends. Some of our highlights at home were our many Christmas celebrations, grand-daughter Ellie’s first birthday, sharing the last bottle of wine that my Dad had left in his stash from 40 years ago with family, sneaking Dad out with siblings & hubby for some drinks and lunch while he was under hospice care, bonding with family and friends during Dad’s last weeks and at the service, our godson’s wedding, sewing 30 table runners for our son Calvin’s up-coming wedding, a fabulous Mark Twain play, working 3 days a week with some of the old crew at Boston Scientific, planning the wedding flowers with Julie & Kristin, and the Vikings/Packers games.

One of Many Xmas Celebrations
One of Many Xmas Celebrations
Sharing A Toast - Dad's 40-year Old Wine
Sharing A Toast – Dad’s 40-year Old Wine
Ellie's New Headband
Ellie Sporting Her New Headband

In the wee hours of the morning yesterday we left home and were chauffeured to the airport by our son Calvin.  We flew back to Fort Myers in a fully loaded plane, leaving 35 minutes late.  Upon arrival we hooked up with our cabby Dan who drove us back to Snook Bight Marina.  The boat was already in the water, waiting for us in our same slip.  The maintenance was done, but we had to un-pack and re-stock.  Everything was in good condition, albeit a little mildew on a couple of pair of my shoes, and our throw cushion.

We lunched on seafood at the Baywater Bistro, unpacked the 4 boxes we had shipped, enjoyed happy hour with our neighbors who own and run a marina on Lake of the Ozarks, and grocery shopped at the Publix.  They let us bring the shopping cart right down to the boat on the docks.  Very slick and easy! It all felt a little surreal.

This morning we cooked and ate aboard ARiverDerci, and Jim worked on putting the grommets in our new windshield.

Jim Installing Grommets on New Windshield

Jim Installing Grommets on New Windshield









A man from the US Power Boat Squadron inspected our vessel and gave us an US Coast Guard safety certification.  We are now in their database, and are less likely to get stopped and boarded by the Coast Guard, as we have the sticker displayed on our boat.

We are expecting our new dinghy and motor to arrive momentarily, and are anxious to get the davits installed.  The weather is beautiful, in the upper 70’s with a slight breeze.  Everything seems to be back in slow motion after the hustle and bustle at home, but we’re starting to settle into a more laid-back pace.  It’s beginning to feel like we’re on vacation!

One more night here at the marina, then we’ll try to rent a mooring ball in the mooring field a short jaunt from here. They looked really full as we flew over yesterday.  The mooring balls are a much cheaper way to go, and then we can take the dinghy to the dinghy dock and walk to the beach and around town.  We’d like to stay a few more days in Fort Myers Beach before heading south to Naples.

The guy (Nathan) just showed up to mount the davits to the back of the boat.  All is going smooth (but slow) to get things ready to shove off again.  I will keep you posted. Until then, ARiverDerci!

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5 Responses to Home and Back Again

  1. Don and Judy says:

    Good to hear everything is going well…loved the recap of the time at home..Bon Voyage!!

  2. Pete Bayer says:

    Jim and Pat, What a deal, we are in Florida about thirty miles N in Englewood, have some friends in Ft Myers too, if you have time we could come down for a short visit before you sail off. My cell is 612 202 1976, Regardless, hope you have a safe journey and maybe we can all meet at the Broadway and celebrate your return. Pete and Teri (Klemz) Bayer

  3. Ron Newton says:

    Sorry to hear of your father. We have about 10″ of snow & it’s still coming down, it’s also snowing at Two Rivers marina so it’s not any better at the boat. 70f sounds great, I’am hoping that in 2014 we can paddle south for the winter. Good luck & glad your posting again.

  4. John and Sherla says:

    Jim and pat we we’re sorry to hear about your dad our thoughts are with you.

  5. Jenny Zuppan says:

    Pat, It’s so nice to be able to check your blog again! I feel special that the old Boston Scientific crew made your winter recap (thanks again for all your help), but you guys are the true celebrities! Linda brought the Elk River paper to work and your story was on page 1! So happy for you that you now have swim suit days – guess that means that the temps are warmer than they are on shorts days;)
    Don’t give a thought to us in MN – current temp 13 degrees.

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