The Long Lay-Over

“We learn something every day, and lots of times its that what we learned the day before was wrong.”       Bill Vaughn

Last time I blogged I stated that my diagnosis of calcific tendonitis was correct, but I was wrong. On May 5th, my left clavicle joint swelled up and became very painful. Still I had the pain and immobility in my right shoulder, and was running a low-grade temp. During Monday’s  physical therapy session on the 6th, they called my Ortho doc to say that something else was amiss.  I saw him on the 7th, and he stated that there was no calcium visible in the shoulder x-rays, but that my original symptoms had been very classic.  He referred me to another physician who I was able to see later on Tuesday, and he admitted me to the Parrish Medical Center for extensive tests and observation.

3-Day Stay at Parrish Medical Center

3-Day Stay at Parrish Medical Center

I was quite impressed with the beautiful facility, the staff, and the top-notch customer service and care I received.  During my 3-day stay, I had every test imaginable, was assigned a team of 4 doctors (sort of Mayo Clinic-like), one of which was an infectious disease specialist.  Back in Vero Beach I had run a high fever for one day, and he was afraid of Dengue Fever or some other insect-borne illness.

845 Back from the Hospital

Back on the Boat – Flowers from our 3 sons

The final diagnosis (very vague) is reactive arthritic inflammatory response.  It is most likely an auto-immune response from a prior viral infection. I was put on a regimen of Prednisone, a Celebrex-like anti-inflammatory, and more Oxycodone for the pain.

I was very glad to be out of the hospital and back on the boat.  We have been treated very well by the folks at the Titusville Municipal Marina, and have been given the monthly slip-rate, and use of the Cruiser’s Bus for any medical appointments, etc.

Titusville Marina Sunset

Titusville Marina Sunset

Progress in my recovery is going slow – I have a little more mobility in my right shoulder, although my collar-bone joint on the left side is swollen again.  Monday we made a visit to the Rheumatology Clinic, and he upped the Prednisone, and hopes that in a short time my symptoms will subside.

It is heavenly to be able to sleep lying down now (yeah!) in the aft cabin, and I manage to get about 6 hours each night.  As most of you know I’m not a morning person, but have seen the sunrise every morning except once since we’ve been in Titusville.

D & E Docks (We're on E) Titusville Marina

D & E Docks (We’re on E on the left)

Well, I digress.  This blog is not supposed to be about me, but about our journey.  But we’re stuck here in Titusville, albeit a good place if you must have a lay-over.  We will be here for at least another week until I am able to function better and have less pain.

Manatee Drinking Water from ARiverDerci's Port Drainhole

Manatee drinking water from ARiverDerci’s port drain

In the meantime, we are enjoying the manatees who thrive here in the marina harbor, munching on the sea grass that floats in, and drinking fresh water from boat drains and dripping rain water.  We were lucky enough to be here during the Love Bug hatch, where we were inundated with the pesky joined insects. Today we took a walk through the nearby park and out to the pier for appetizers at Cracker Jack’s Tiki Bar.  The stormy rainy weather has subsided, and we’re enjoying coolish 60’s in the evening’s and mid-80’s during the day.

Upside Down Manatee Slurping Water near Swim Ladder

Upside Down Manatee Slurping Water near Swim Ladder

Mother’s Day we took the bus to Beef-O’Brady’s and watched the PGA golf tournament, then restocked groceries at the Publix.  Jim made more improvements to the dinghy stabilizer bars, and fixed a hose and re-fueled the reservoir for the trim tabs.  He has literally been my right arm, helping me reach, lift and carry things.  He’s done the laundry, the dishes, vacuumed, pump-outs, and been there for me when the going was tough.  Since he’s the social sort, he has met and introduced me to all of our very kind and helpful live-aboard neighbors.

NASA - Kennedy Space Center in the distance

NASA – Kennedy Space Center in the distance

Our pace has definitely slowed down – we have been taking it easy, enjoying Netflix movies in the evenings, and putzing around during the daytime. We still plan to visit the Kennedy Space Center before leaving here, and are getting anxious to be on the move again.  We are thinking of trailering the boat back to our port of Lake City, MN while we’re home for the summer, instead of leaving it in storage ‘on the hard’ in Florida.  I think we would both miss it, as it feels more like home to us than our townhouse.  Tomorrow we plan to take in the Space Walk of Fame Museum, and possibly the 1891 Queen Ann style Pritchard House.  We’d like to take the dinghy out fishing one of these days when it’s less windy, either in the Indian or Banana River, as Titusville claims to be the “Redfish Capital of the World”.

We recommend that you register on our blog; that way you’ll get e-mail notification when we update and are underway again. Titusville is a great place to be – but we’re ready for the lay-over to be over!

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2 Responses to The Long Lay-Over

  1. Mz Vic says:

    Pat, my heart aches knowing you are in so much pain. As a mother would say, “I wish it were me rather than you.” You are on you Great Adventure and are suppose to be having fun. Hopefully you have the problem solved & are on your way to recovery & moving on soon. My thoughts & many prayers are with you. Love ya!

    • rossmanpj says:

      Vic, You are such a sweetheart and meme an so much to me! This morning my shoulder developed a knob the size of a golf ball- very painful! WTF? I just want to have a little fun – some wine, some sex, and maybe a little dancin! Thanks for your kind words! Love you!

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