2nd Leg – Early Finish

To make a long story short, my second diagnosis was also incorrect.  I was hospitalized again on Friday, May 17th, and underwent arthroscopic surgery the next day.  Synovial fluid from my left clavicular joint and right shoulder was cultured, joints were flushed out, and it was discovered that my tendon was frayed and torn.  This was not repairable, so was trimmed off.  Cultures came back positive for Beta Strep – Type B, and I was immediately put on IV antibiotics.

Second Time Discharged from Parrish Medical Center

Second Time Discharged from Parrish Medical Center

After six long days in the hospital, I was very happy when finally discharged back to the boat.  Six weeks of daily antibiotic infusions are necessary to kill off the infection, so these were coordinated between Florida and Minnesota, after I had a PICC line installed.  It was decided that we would finish the 2nd leg of our Great Loop adventure early – as I was unable to handle the daily tasks of traveling and living on the boat.

ARiverDerci in the Titusville Marina

ARiverDerci in the Titusville Marina

Before heading home we enjoyed daily ‘dock hour’ get-togethers with E-dock neighbors at the Titusville marina, saw a rocket launch at dusk during the full moon on the 24th, and saw numerous manatees and dolphins in the harbor.  We never made it to the Kennedy Space Center, so will have to make it there when we return in the fall.  We did take in the Space Walk Hall of Fame Museum and the Space Park in Titusville.

Rocket Launch and Full Moon

Rocket Launch and Full Moon

We decided to have the boat trailered to Lake City, MN, which turned out to be quite a feat.  Calvin and Nathan, our 2 youngest sons, agreed to drive down and all the way back, towing the boat on a rented trailer.  The height of the boat on the trailer was an issue, so the radar was flipped upside down, saving us a few precious inches.  Nathan met up with Calvin in Iowa City, as he resides in Omaha.  They drove straight through, only stopping for gas, potty breaks, and gas station food.  It was very grueling, and even tougher on the way back.  Their gas mileage went from 15 mpg down to 7.3.

The Guys and the Boat - Ready for a Road Trip back to MN

The Guys and the Boat – Ready for a Road Trip back to MN

They spent one night in Florida with us at a hotel, then hit the road early the following morning  We had a good visit with them, although it was short, and much of it was spent getting the boat situated for the long journey back.

Back in Lake City - New Slip - Lake Pepin in Background
Back in Lake City – New Slip – Lake Pepin in Background

Sunday, May 26th, after my daily infusion, we got a ride to the airport, and caught a flight back to Minnesota.  I was a little sad to be leaving Florida early, although hurricane season has begun, and now Andrea, the first tropical storm of the summer is pounding the east coast with a deluge of rain and wind.  And I got to enjoy the lilac and apple tree blossoms here, although the weather in Minnesota has been so cold and rainy.  It’s June – where’s summer??  I haven’t had a ‘short’s day since we’ve been home!

"Dock Hour" with Live-Aboards Jim and Diane
“Dock Hour” with Live-Aboards Jim and Diane

My last day of infusions is scheduled for June 28th.  Next week I’ll be going to the U of M for an appointment with an Orthopedic and an Infectious Disease doc.  My hope is that once the infection and inflammation are gone, I will regain the mobility in my right shoulder.

Our goal is to continue on the loop in the fall.  We plan to start on the Gulf side of Florida, this time crossing Florida via Lake Okeechobee.  That way we will not be covering much of the same water.  We still need to determine if we will be using our current boat, or buying another boat down in Florida to finish the loop.

Titusville Marina Workers - Charles, Frank, Dave & Bob

Titusville Marina Workers – Charles, Frank, Dave & Bob

After the 28th we can start enjoying the use of our boat here in Minnesota.  We are looking forward to our son’s wedding in July, and whenever we want to, we get to see our grand-daughter Ellie.  I am getting anxious for some better weather.

Although it was disappointing to cut the second leg short, we still have much to look forward to, and much to be thankful for.  All of this has taught us patience and to appreciate every day when we’re feeling strong and healthy.  One never knows what tomorrow will bring.

This will be my last blog entry until we are preparing for the 3rd leg of our trip.  We intend to start out again in October, when the threat of hurricanes should be over.  Here’s hoping you all have an enjoyable and safe summer.  Until my next entry – ARiverDerci!

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7 Responses to 2nd Leg – Early Finish

  1. I’m so so sorry to hear about all your problems but know you feel better at home during this really tough time. Certainly with Rochester not that far away, the Mayo is the place to go if things start to deteriorate again. Re: the Loop, you will certainly enjoy it more when everything is back to normal. We are going back and forth considering bringing Ocean Breeze down to Cape Coral, FL this fall. We missed her so much while we were there this winter. Who knows, we may cross paths! Take care, get good care and get well…and we’ll see you on the flip side 😉

  2. Mz Vic says:

    All is not lost…you have a great summer to look forward to at home with your family & friends and with any luck we will get to drive up and spend a weekend with you. And knowing that you will get to pick up your trip in the fall just gives you something to look forward. Love ya & hope to talk to you soon.

  3. Steven K says:

    WOW!! I did not know your shoulder was that way. When you were here you looked great…both of you. I enjoyed your company and look forward to your return…hurry back and we will hook up again.
    Steven Knese

  4. Ron N. says:

    Hope you are able to enjoy a full recovery & return to your trip in the fall, I really enjoy reading your blog. A friend bought a 44′ KinsCraft at Red Wing, Mn. I’ve been up there twice with him getting it ready for the cruise down to Two Rivers marina, we could work on it (replace the sb Perkins diesel) for a couple of days & then it’ll start to rain again. Beautiful area up there but I don’t think I’ld want to be there during the winter. Best of luck on your health issues.

  5. Jenny Zuppan says:

    Pat, hoping that you (and me) will soon be enjoying some “shorts” days and pain free ones at that!

    • rossmanpj says:

      Jenny. It was nice to see you at our sons wedding. Sorry but we have not been on the web site often. In a perfect world Pat will be getting lots of movement back in her infected shoulder and we will find the perfect Trawler down in Florida, that way we can pick up where we left off last spring.

  6. Jerry R. Anderson says:

    There is no better place to be than home in Minnesota during the summer. I will be looking forward to your blog this fall. Enjoy your summer and get well. Jerry

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