Summer Update – Trip Locations

We are very hopeful to get back on the water near the location where we left off, and resume our Great Loop trip. However, even if we do there is no guarantee that finishing the loop is in our near future. From time to time we will give some type of update and we always appreciate hearing from our readers. You are welcome to e-mail us directly or call anytime.

Patrice:       (763) 441-5123

Jim:             (763) 441-9077

Pat on Boat in Cove ReWing 7-2013

Pat Aboard – In Cove Near Redwing 7-2013

We have been home in Elk River, MN for some time now. The nice part is that our boat is back in the Lake City Marina, our original starting point and we have been able to use her. Our thoughts have been that when and if we get back to Florida we will be doing so in another boat.  We’re hopeful that it could be purchased somewhere close to where we left off before the sudden stop to our trip.

Pat – Finally Back on the Boat

We were excited to be published in the June edition of Heartland Boating magazine. The article was basically a log of a Mississippi River trip taken back in 2010. Unfortunately, it is only published on-line; so we will not get a hard copy of it as a keepsake.  The article can be found at in the June edition under the name, “Chronicles of Lois and Clark”.  Our boat name at that time was Lois and Clark II.

Data and a re-cap of our gas stops with stats has been added to a new tab called, ‘Fuel Stops – Data’.  Please check it out if you’re interested. It includes locations, dates, mpg, and engine hours for each gas stop. The information was found in a small note-book used each time we fueled the boat. Accuracy is not guaranteed, but it should give a general idea of where to stop for fuel if traveling in the same waters on your own vessel. Keep in mind that there were many other stops where we did not take on fuel.  However, the information may help if you’re interested in a certain area – more specific that the post entries.

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