More Time in Titusville

Today is grand-daughter Ellie’s 2nd Birthday, and one month since we arrived in Titusville. Slowly we continue making improvements to the boat, and manage to squeeze in a little fun when the opportunity arises. The manatees have just returned to the marina. It is good to see their massive barnacled bodies and their whiskered snouts when they come up for air.

Manatee back in marina

Manatee and sea grass back in the marina

Yesterday, Gary Waid hooked up the new custom holding tank, and re-connected the macerator. The day before, he built a shelf in the closet where the tank is now housed, strapped and boarded it in place so it cannot come loose in rough seas. (We don’t want any more leaks)!

New hall flooring and 3 hold covers

New hall flooring and 3 hold covers

Jim is now re-installing the closet trim and door, hopefully putting everything back as it was. I installed vinyl flooring in the hall, giving us better access to the 3 holds in the floor below. Before that there was carpet and pad in this area which had to be removed each time you wanted to get to the storage holds.

Last week we had 3-1/2 days of non-stop rain, and encountered a new leak. The bow hatch (over our sleeping berth) dripped water, so during a rare dry half hour, Jim broke out the white duct tape, and sealed off the hatch. The new one just came, but alas, we’ve got another day of steady rain, so installation will probably not happen until next week.

Morning Fog

Morning Fog

I started reading the novel, Gitmo, which Gary co-authored, and am having trouble putting it down. Obviously, he’s a man of many talents. It is very entertaining and well written, and is set in southern Florida, the Keys and Cuba.

New 'drum' style table with storage

New ‘drum’ style table with storage

I was excited that Anne Dole came and installed the new drapery panels for the sliding glass door. We also purchased a new drum end table, a cylindrical design with center storage and bun feet.  This week I added a new throw (being used primarily to protect the jack-knife sofa’s upholstery) and pillow. We got new plastic patio chairs for the lazarette, but haven’t had much time to relax in them, as the rain continues to come in sheets. I think the manatees must be the only ones enjoying this weather.

New drapery panel, lawn chair and throw pillow

New drapery panel, lawn chair and throw pillow

Jim’s cousin Louis and wife Marilyn came for a visit, and we took the boat out for a cruise. I think they enjoyed being out on the water, as they have owned boats themselves for years, and now have a lakefront home in Canada not far from Baudette. We saw many dolphin and water birds of all kinds, including Roseate Spoonbills and white pelicans, more common in Canada and Minnesota than here in Florida.

Louis, Jim, and Marilyn on flybridge

Louis, Jim, and Marilyn on fly-bridge

Our first overnight guests arrived last Saturday. Joe and Linda Miske flew into Miami and drove all the way up to Titusville in their rental car. We took ‘Matter of Time’ out for a 3-hour tour in the Indian River and into Mosquito Lagoon. They brought beautiful weather with them, which we enjoyed after all the cold and damp gloominess. We grilled steaks on the new Magma grill, then played the game, ‘Cards Against Humanity’; a boat-warming gift from Joe and Linda, and had many a good laugh. The next morning after breakfast we drove to Sebastian where the guys played a round of golf, and us gals enjoyed the scenery.

Joe, Linda, Pat & Jim

Joe, Linda, Pat & Jim

An airport borders the golf course, where many people go up in planes to sky-dive, gliding over the golfers, and landing with their open parachutes right back at the airport. The golf course is also home to many turtles and tortoises. We had the pleasure of seeing a couple gopher tortoises, one near its large burrow, and a Florida softshell turtle. We also spotted Wood Storks, very tall and ostrich-like, feeding along the shore of the 16th hole pond. It was a picture perfect day.

Skydivers in the blue sky over the golf course

Skydivers in the great blue yonder over the golf course

After golf we went to the Nicholas’ residence and enjoyed their Super Bowl party; the big game was a bust, but as usual a few of the commercials were creative and entertaining. We imbibed, filled our bellies on 4 kinds of chili, had great conversation, laughed, and played ‘Left, Right, Center’.

Dolphin in Titusville Marina

Dolphin in Titusville Marina

The next morning after Mary’s nummy egg bake, we drove down to Surfside to Joe and Linda’s Blue Green timeshare condo on the beach. It was only about a block from the Best Western that we stayed at while our Bayliner was getting a new outdrive installed in Miami last March. It was good to be back!

We checked out the beach, grilled chicken on the outdoor grill, then took the bus down to South Beach (Sobe). We had such a good time, drank a few (very expensive) mojitos, shot some pool, hugged a palm tree, people watched (nowhere better), and laughed and laughed. We taxied back to Flannigan’s– a less expensive venue for a bite to eat, then walked back to the condo.

Joe and Linda - Enjoying their day on the golf course

Joe and Linda – Enjoying their day on the golf course

We continue to make little improvements to the boat. I shortened the cords on the mini blinds, as they swayed back and forth with the movement of the boat. Jim is changing out all the ceiling light bulbs to LED’s, initially expensive, but a real energy saver for the batteries once we’re off shore. We got the kitchen sink and faucet caulked, so no more water is showing up in the cabinet below. The contents of the bathroom cabinet have been re-stowed, and the sliding door has been caulked. Slowly, but surely we’re getting there!

Today we did Facetime with Ellie and sang her ‘Happy Birthday’, and got to see sons Calvin and Nathan, daughter-in-law Kristin, and Nathan’s special lady Brandi. We are looking forward to our upcoming visits with family and friends.

Pat making templates for floor tiles; Gary installing strip-light under cabinets in galley

Pat making templates for floor tiles; Gary installing strip-light under cabinets in galley

We are considering removing the name ‘Matter of Time’ and replacing it with ‘Ariverderci II’. It’s another outdoor job that requires a lot of elbow grease and dry weather, so we’ll let you know if that works out before we set out. One more month and we will be heading north and continuing on our Great Loop trip. I’m starting to get a little antsy. Until next time…♥

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2 Responses to More Time in Titusville

  1. Steven says:

    I have ordered all LED’s from this site:
    They should be 1/2 the price of Home Depot.
    Do you guys need a live-a-board baggage handler???
    I also provide much entertainment after the 4th drink!!!!

  2. Dianna and Ken Kincade says:

    Hi Pat and Jim,
    Wish we could come down to Florida before you take off again but since Ken’s shoulder surgery, doesn’t look like we’ll be traveling anywhere soon yet. I’m bumming a little because we didn’t get anywhere warm last winter and now it looks like two in a row (and two of our worst winters here)! He had his first physical therapy appt today so we’ll see how he progresses. Otherwise everything is good back here. Kristy is still sickly every day with this pregnancy so she’s not a happy camper. We just kept Mackenna and Trinity last Friday night and enjoyed every minute of that, they’re so darn cute! Pat, I don’t know how you can stand being away from yours! Hope you get all your boat issues cared for and you’re on your way soon! Good luck and have fun!

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