We have been ‘river rats’ for many years. We got our first boat in 1990 and have been cruising the Mississippi and other rivers ever since. Our first big dream was to own a home on the river, which we did. For 10 years we lived on the Mississippi in Elk River, and enjoyed the beauty, wildlife, and serenity it offers.
Then we started planning our greatest adventure, doing the Great Loop. In order to accomplish this, several things had to gel into place, and much preparation was required. We sold the house on the River, moved into our townhouse, quit our jobs, sold lots of stuff, planned our timing, finances, and how we would live on our 27 ft Bayliner. We had to make sure that we could do all our banking, correspondence, etc on line.
Now the reality is finally here! This blog is meant as a sort of journal for ourselves, but also to keep others informed of our progress.
Pat and Jim (alias Lois and Clark)

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  1. sherri says:

    Hi You two. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy reading your updates and looking at pics.
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Pat you write so good its like we are really there enjoying the great weather and adventure with you both and not here freezing. Missed you on Tday. Looking forward to seeing you both at Christmas.Love Sherri

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